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Sunday, May 16, 2010

On my own for my first week of goals


Well, I have to say that the inspiration for cooking has always been pretty good, I love cooking for other people. And, I have been blessed with an amazing flatmate, Maya, who coincidentally hates to cook AND loves when I try new recipes. Unfortunately, Maya is going back to the UK for the week, and I will be left to cook on my own. I can't imagine I will motivate myself to cook something fantastic this week, unless I venture to invite OTHER friends over for dinner...ok. We'll see what happens, I'm not making any promises.


This bodes well for my writing goals, as I will be all alone. My goal for this week is to get and complete one paid writing assignment. Even if it only pays 2 dollars. Anything.


I am currently living in Cairo by the way, I think that I mentioned that in my last post. So, where can I go to share with you some of the joys of this crazy city? Well, luckily, I need to go get some presents to send back to Canada, so I will head to Khan el-Khalili armed with my impressive observational skills and a camera if I can get a hold of one...

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