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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Wow. My own blog. I have been inspired over the past few months by other people's blogs. Mainly cooking blogs, because I find people that have a gift for cooking to be incredibly inspiring. Those people who know the secrets of how to get certain flavors out of vegetables, how to work with different flours and how to know when to stop cooking something before it becomes overdone.

I am not one of those gifted people who can cook without recipes. I usually start by searching 15 different ways to cook one dish, then combine them to make a dish that 1) uses ingredients that I can actually find, based on my location (currently Cairo), 2) omits things i don't like in dishes (raisins), 3) is compatible with the fact that I forever struggle with finances.

Ok. So, in order for this blog not to be completely self-indulgent, I will use it for the creation of a goal which combines all the things that make me happy (outside of family and friends and love and all that jazz, of course).

I love cooking. I love traveling. I love writing. And I always always always hope that whatever I am doing, I am learning.

What will I do in this blog? And why should you read this blog?

1) I will experiment with the best recipes I can find. And cook them. And share with you the joys of trying to cook recipes in a countries that generally don't have half the ingredients.
2) I will share the joys of travel. As I mentioned before, I am forever and eternally broke. But I am a firm believer that this should never stand in the way of doing anything you want, and I want to travel.
3) WRITING. Ok, I have to just say it. I have had a love-hate relationship with writing since I learned how to write. Example: Once I learned to print, I decided that learning cursive was pointless and useless and I have refused to write cursive ever since I left elementary school. Example 2: I have always wanted to make a living through writing, but have yet to make a dime from it. (Unless you count that working as a researcher is kind of making money from writing, but I doubt it because a TON of researchers can't write for all the tea in China.)
4)Learn. Learning is without a doubt the one thing I can say that I have done, through all the cooking, traveling and writing. And I don't know if one can really learn from someone else's experience, but if it is possible, I will try to learn some amazing lessons and articulate them in the most share-friendly way that ever existed.

So. Here I go, let's see what happens. 

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