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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Trouble With Blogging

I think this must happen to everyone who starts a blog.  All you want to do is blog. Even if you don't really have anything to blog about. Ok, that's great, assuming you are not also blogging while you're in your office at your full-time job as deadlines pass you by and your boss is getting fed up with not receiving anything from you in the last week.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, Lori, you have 4 blog posts.  Big Deal. I'm pretty sure you can handle your full time job AND writing 4 blog posts.  But if you are thinking that, then you obviously do not have a blogging obsession, and I don't know if there's anything that I can say to help you understand what this obsession truly means. But I will try. OH, I will try.

Let's start with the fact that IF you want anyone to read your blog besides your boyfriend, you have to network.  This means going to other people's blogs, leaving your business card in the form of a link back to your blog, commenting on their posts and what not.  Ok, fair enough, if I were a robot, I could do this pretty quickly.  However, I am not. I go onto other people's blogs and I CAN'T STOP READING THEM. I sort though their posts, dreaming of tasting the food that they've so beautifully photographed.  So the blogs I have listed in my Food Blog list...well, I love them. I know them, I've looked through pages of their stuff.  I go through and wonder how they came up with these recipes. How did they get the photos to capture the deliciousness of the food? I look at how they have all these really cool graphics that I don't have the first clue on how to create.  They have these indexes and search engines. They have GIVEAWAYS. They even have awards.  Did you know that blogs can win awards? Now don't worry, I recognize the my blog consists of 5 posts, photos stolen from the internet, and links to the sites where the actual information is located.  I am not going to start dreaming of awards.  But people have followers in the thousands!!

The blog world is fascinating. And exclusive. And I want to be a part of it.  Now, I also don't want to get fired from my job.  Can blogging and working be reconciled? Well, I'm sure that if there was a mother of 3 blogger reading this, she would say, "Uh, YEAH, you self-involved blogging newbie.  What do you think I do, sit at my computer blogging while my kids starve and run naked through the neighbourhood?"

But MY blog has FOUR goals. cook, travel, write, learn, remember? ok, let's admit it. the learning element isn't real. it just looks good and i can say i learn while i do all the other stuff. fine. But man, finding freelance writing work is hard. I will do it, but it's hard.

So. I'm going to post this and get back to work. And I won't return until I've handed my boss a paper on interventions in the post-harvest fisheries sector.  got it?  good.

But first,  a book. My friend Tamara gave me this book when I told her I wanted to start a blog:

Pretty good price right? It was pretty good, and I used it combination with a lot of online how-to-start-a-blog blogs.  Which are great. Except maybe a TAD bit overwhelming. Just read other peoples blogs and see what you like.  Easy-peasy.



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