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Thursday, July 21, 2011

City Chicken - Berlin

Even though I'm not in Berlin right now, sometimes I can't help but think about my beautiful around the corner Sunday night takeaway: City Chicken.

Look at it:
It doesn't look like much, does it?

But it's awesome. An entire rotisserie chicken, FULL OF FLAVOUR for only 5 euros.  And they have amazing hummous, pita bread, chips, garlic mayo, should you be so inclined.  I have to admit, part of the allure is that this place is within approximately 2 minutes from my flat in Neukolln. But... there are 3 others like it, and yet Rodders and I just keep coming back to this one special place. Now, as a foreigner who lives in Berlin part-time, or full-time but on a short-term basis? I can honestly say that when you are going to City Chicken, you're not just going for the food, but for the experience. Now, maybe living in Cairo has made me crave crowds and chaos while in orderly Germany, but Roddy loves it just as much, if not more so, than I do.

We often get it to take away, but in the summer they have outdoor seating which is quite lovely as well. But when you walk in, it's so crowded, everybody's speaking arabic, you don't know where to go. You find the back of the line which feels like it doesn't move, but suddenly you're near the front. People push through to pick up orders they probably called in, but you feel territorial, 'is that guy cutting the line? who does he think he is?'.  Actually, the first few times you go, you think you're going to be forgotten, especially when you have a language barrier and are not used to being aggressive with people, but the next thing you know, there's a big sweaty man is yelling at you (maybe in german, maybe arabic, i don't speak either so it doesn't matter?) asking what you want. And there's a sense of relief that you're getting your food.

R-man and I take it home, savor it, plan on making sandwiches the next day with it but it really never lasts until the next day, and then I make a delicious stock with it.  Everytime people have come to visit us, we've gone to City Chicken, and they adored it.

If you're in Berlin...go there.

City Chicken
Sonnenallee 59, 12045 
Berlin, Germany+49 30/6248600

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