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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wekalet Fabric Market - Cairo

What a trip to the fabric market I had last night!! My dear dear bff Jenn is getting married in October. While I'm in Cairo, we thought it would be an exciting and economically advantageous idea for me to get the fabrics to decorate the barn in which they're getting married at a market here!  And it is!

My friend Heather generously decided to accompany me on this adventure. Partly due to curiosity, partly due to concern for Jenn as Heather thinks I have a mild case of color blindness..I really don't know what she's talking about!

Anyway. It was beautiful! This market is full of life, yet not nearly as chaotic as Attaba market, which is basically like 50 large department stores exploded in the center of Cairo and landed in this compressed space with like, 10 000 employees. But this post is not about Attaba, it's about Wekalet!!

 It's located in Boulak, just north of the 15th of May/ 26th of July bridge, with 26th of July forming its southern border and the Corniche forming it's western border. Link to a map of approximately where it is.

The colours of all the fabrics are beautiful, and I think it must be where a ton of people get their wedding dresses made, they have so many beautiful sparkly, sequinned fabrics. In itself, this market would be great to just go to and have a little walk, like if you went to Khan el Khalili market, then wanted some "real" cairo, but Attaba was a bit too... "real", is one way to put it. Also, it's super cheap, cheaper than Attaba.  On that note, I was looking for cheap fabrics, and they basically ranged from 10 LE per meter (USD 1.75), to 200, depending on what you wanted. I took some photos to send to Jenn:

It was a good time, and I'm going back tonight to purchase!

Also, I bought a pair of white linen pants for 30 LE (USD 5.00), and 2 sports bras for 15LE each (USD 2.50).

Not bad for a Wednesday night, eh???

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  1. I remember buying some lovely cotton in Egypt for my then boyfriend...he is now my husband and he still has the shirt he made with it! It still looks as good as new :)

    looking forward to that fuul recipe!



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